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Displaying the Wi-Fi MAC (hardware) address in the Settings app would be useful

Added by Doug Reeder over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Some Wi-Fi networks are configured to only allow devices with known MAC (hardware) addresses to connect.
Thus, some users would benefit from it being displayed in the UI (perhaps in the About section, under Device).

Unfortunately, the Connection Manager does not return the phone’s wifi hardware address:

Neither does the Android Properties service:

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Updated by Herman van Hazendonk over 3 years ago

You can use: luna-send -n 1 luna://com.palm.connectionmanager/getinfo {} {"wifiInfo":{"macAddress":"00:1D:FE:E0:C7:10"},"returnValue":true}

Updated by Doug Reeder over 3 years ago

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Works find on my N4 and TP.

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