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Develop UI allowing user to choose what app handles a URL scheme

Added by Doug Reeder over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Eventually, we will have more than one app registering for the same URL scheme. For example, Messaging will probably register for the xmpp: scheme once we have libpurple configured to support XMPP. A dedicated Jabber client would also register for the xmpp: scheme. Mapping apps will presumably all register for the geo: URL scheme.

We need UI for the user to pick which app is launched for a given scheme, when there is more than one registered app. Under webOS, this in the Preferences app, under the Default Applications menu item.

We also need UI that pops up when a second or n-th app registers for a scheme - the user must be asked which app to use.

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Updated by Herman van Hazendonk over 3 years ago

Added some screenshots.

LS2 calls used are:
//Query the service again to get the modified active handlers for the mime.
palm://com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForMime '{"mime": this.selectedMimeType.mime}'
palm://com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForMultipleUrlPattern '{"urls": this.urlPatterns}'
palm://com.palm.applicationManager/swapRedirectHandler '{"url": url, "index":index}'
palm://com.palm.applicationManager/listExtensionMap '{}'
palm://com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForMultipleMime '{"mimes": this.mimeTypes}'

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