HTML5 Notifications are always denied (Bug #1203)

Added by Doug Reeder 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

Status:New Start date:02/13/2017
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Assignee:Christophe Chapuis % Done:


Target version:Later


To reproduce:
1. On N4 or TP, run Testr
2. Select Notifications tab
3. Under "HTML 5 Non-persistent notifications", tap any button.

Actual result: In output area below: "Notification.permission: denied" and notification is not displayed

Expected result: System dialog is displayed, allowing user to allow or deny the origin permission to display notifications

This also affects web pages - they are always denied permission as well. See

Given that (for now) all packaged apps have the same origin, a temporary workaround would be to allow all origins permission to display notifications.


Updated by Herman van Hazendonk 11 months ago

QtWebEngine in QT 5.6 doesn't support HTML5 notifications yet. This was scheduled for 5.8 ( it seems, but I believe it's still not there are per latest version on

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