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Enhanced Silent (Vibrate) and "Do not disturb" modes

Added by Doug Reeder over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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To be a good personal assistant, LuneOS needs both Silent and Do Not Disturb modes.

In Silent mode, alarms don't play sound, but do turn on the screen, vibrate the phone and activate the throbber LED. Apps may play sound through the headphone jack, but not external speakers. Apps may vibrate the device. It may be clearest to rename Silent mode to Vibrate mode. Silent mode should put an icon in the Notification Bar (

In Do Not Disturb mode, alarms do not turn on the screen, play audio, nor vibrate. They do activate the throbber LED. Apps may not play sound nor vibrate. Do Not Disturb mode should be obvious when the user glances at the screen. It should be more than an icon in the Notification Bar.

There should be at least two ways to set the mode:
1. manually, via the system menu
2. Calendar events should have a setting. When such an event ends, the mode should return to the last manually-set mode. (If the user manually sets Do Not Disturb mode, Calendar event can't make the mode less strict.)

Additional ways may be helpful
3. via a hardware button, such as double-pressing the power button. This would be one possible user configuration of double-pressing.
4. Nonrepeating alarms in the Clock app could set the mode until the alarm goes off.

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