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preware alpha install removes all preware feeds

Added by marc holland over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I installed preware alpha from preware 1.9.12 on my touchpad running 3.0.5 with LunaCE4.9.10. After installation, neither preware or preware alpha have access to any feeds. Preware alpha sits at loaded feeds [] with a wait circle. I cannot bring up an option menu from the upper left corner. I cannot do anything. Preware 1.9.12 cannot load feeds. I tried to add a feed to preware 1.9.12 manually from the upper left menu manage feeds, and It won't add a feed either.

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Updated by Josh Palmer over 6 years ago

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This looks like an issue with the install process to me- I've been pushing the webapp to my Touchpad and using Preware 1.9.12's service backend during development without experiencing this issue.

Updated by Matthew Van Gent over 6 years ago

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Bug fix is sent up to the builder now [1]. When Preware-Alpha v2.0.1 comes out you will need to manually uninstall preware and preware-alpha and manually install preware again in order to fix the issue.

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Updated by Matthew Van Gent over 6 years ago

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v2.0.1 is now in the feeds. Please reply to this bug report if the bug is not resolved.

Updated by Vito Cappucino over 6 years ago

I uninstalled and reinstalled both. The old Preware is now working fine however Preware alpha load feeds and then stick at the "done" scene with the spinning wheel.

Updated by Matthew Van Gent over 6 years ago

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Please file a new bug report as this is a new bug. Remember to include Device, OS Version, LunaCE Version(if applicable), and if you can logs from /var/log/messages

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