Bug #605

Preware 2: implement feed management

Added by Achim Königs over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Feed management is still missing in the UI (i.e. need to build dialog for that, in the menu there is already an entry that opens a stub dialog).

This is what is currently there:

Backend should support feed management. The feeds dialog already get's signals, whenever the feed configuration is loaded from ipk service ( ). So the UI should be filled in that cases (maybe use collections and datarepeaters for that?)

Configs can probably be enabled / disabled / added using

After changing feeds the feed info should be updated:
(maybe that also triggers stuff in main UI.. )
See also here:
That is what (down-)loads feed information on startup / reload feeds press.

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I wound up re-implementing the manage feeds dialog using an AroundList instead of a DataRepeater and collections.
The reason for doing this is that DataRepeater does not support swipable at this point, so I needed to use an AroundList to implement swipe to delete functionality.

As a side effect, the new feed section is now at the top of the dialog. This is because aroundlist only supports content above the list. It looks like there is initial support for content below the list, but the list currently just renders over top of this content.

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