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App unsuccessful at obtaining media indexer database permssions

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When my app (Zap Photoshare) calls palm://com.palm.mediapermissions to get read permissions for "" and "", the following errors are logged:
Sep 25 04:42:12 tenderloin ls-hubd939: Could not get permissions from db. Reason: No or too many permission sets for appId com.hominidsoftware.zapphotoshare
Sep 25 04:42:12 tenderloin ls-hubd939: Error: palm://org.webosports.luna/publishToSystemUI {"event":"mediaFilePermissionRequest","message":{"action":"requestPermission","rights":{"read":["",""]},"senderId":"com.hominidsoftware.zapphotoshare","sessionId":0,"replyTo":"palm://com.palm.mediaper

and the call returns the error "Schema validation error".

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Placed in Wrong Project

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Looking into this...

First result:
The messages you posted are not related and are more or less expected. The first happens because your app does not have permissions, yet. Execution after that continues ok. The second happens, because the UI part is not ready, yet. This is also caught in the service and rights are automatically granted, so execution continues.

Schema error might come from db8? Not sure... Could you give me the request you send? I tried to reproduce this, but did not manage to.

Updated by Achim Königs almost 5 years ago

Ok, got your app from the app catalog. It seems to me that the permissions are granted. At least in the testing builds... but permission service has not changed for some time.

Updated by Doug Reeder almost 5 years ago

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Thanks! (If you need the .ipk for any of my apps, just ask.)

When I run Zap now, it is able to retrieve the list of albums; currently "wallpapers" and "internal". (I'm not certain whether this was happening before and I failed to observe it.) So it looks like this issue can be closed.

I'm trying to understand what's going on in my app, but I can't make use of the directions at because the command webapp-launcher does not appear to exist.

Updated by Doug Reeder almost 5 years ago

Okay the problem is the media indexer is returning an albumPath property, and I’m expecting path. says there's a "path" property (which indeed is returned under webOS).

LuneOS appears to return a "albumPath" property with that info.

Updated by Doug Reeder almost 5 years ago

Fixed by a commit yesterday.

Updated by Doug Reeder almost 5 years ago

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