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C+Dav connector & Timezones

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There are issues...
Currently all events get converted into UTC. This produces a lot of issues. (Allday) Events show up on wrong days, especially recurring events. Other events show on the wrong time, with no way to change it. Recurring events crossing daylight saving times switch dates show very weird behaviour (which is logically if you think about it and that the local TZ is shifted against UTC, but very unintuitive for the user).

Do we have someone with experience in this kind of matters?

My first step would be to use local TZ again for events that are created on device. For incomming events best leave TZ as is and hope for the best. ;)

But this really is an issue with ICS conversion right now.

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Updated by Matt Williams over 4 years ago

Adding my writeup of my findings on this issue that I reported to Garfonso:

I think I've found a timezone-related problem on recurring events. I first noticed it last week when updating an event, but I couldn't figure out what happened. What happened was the event would display on the day before the scheduled day, but when you tap on it and display the recurrence, it was for the correct day of the week. Today I was updating another one and saw something similar, but wasn't sure whether to blame my Pre or my iphone, so I started creating some test events. Single events were fine, though the iphone did display them a bit oddly, showing the GMT time in the day view next to the subject, and showing both the local time zone and GMT when displaying an event. When I created a new recurring event, that's when it seemed to clarify things. I created a recurring weekday event from 8pm - 9pm local time (central time) on my phone, and at first it seemed okay, but then when it finally synced, it showed on Sunday-Thursday instead of Monday-Friday on all devices and the desktop browser. The recurrence pattern still correctly shows as weekdays however. My theory is that it happens when local time and GMT are on different days. To test this I created a recurring 9AM weekday event, which after syncing displayed correctly on all devices. I had noticed that when displaying the 'bad' events on the google desktop calendar that it didn't seem to have the timezone set, so I updated that to central time, and it fixed the display issue.

It may also be possible that the associated reminders might fire at the wrong local time or date also.

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