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04:12 pm LuneOS Bug #1205 (New): Padlock is not shown when in First Use mode


08:09 am LuneOS Bug #1209 (New): Nexus 5 build. Backlight always on
Seems that it's a common problem: Ubuntu addressed it this way:
07:36 am LuneOS Bug #515 (Closed): Screenshots are black on Tenderloin
07:36 am LuneOS Bug #1159 (New): HTML5 Date Input is unusable
We'll see if this gets sorted automagically with 5.8 upgrade.
07:35 am LuneOS Bug #1209 (New): Nexus 5 build. Backlight always on
I can confirm this is still the case in latest build with 3.4 kernel.


12:48 pm LuneOS Support #1047 (New): Migrate from BlueZ 4 to BlueZ 5
Seeing we'll be on 3.4 now with all supported targets this should get feasible to look into.
12:47 pm LuneOS Bug #515 (Closed): Screenshots are black on Tenderloin
Should be working now. To confirm with a build from Jenkins
12:46 pm LuneOS Bug #1069 (Closed): Preware 2 UI does not display in a usable manner on at least qemux86


06:46 am LuneOS Bug #795 (In Progress): Try ZRAM and KSM to improve memory situation on Touchpad
Seems Evervolv is using it: https://github.com/Evervolv/android_device_hp_tenderloin-common/commit/bdc7f88a7e97d9e159...


02:16 pm LuneOS Bug #965 (Closed): Add support for displaying certificate info to certmgr
Already exists it seems

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