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08:44 pm LuneOS Bug #1069 (Resolved): Preware 2 UI does not display in a usable manner on at least qemux86
Should be solved with https://github.com/webOS-ports/preware/pull/34


07:20 pm LuneOS Bug #273 (Closed): Wireless driver bcmdhd hangs when deactivating network interface
Should be solved with latest updates
07:18 pm LuneOS Bug #359 (Closed): Nexus 7 becomes unresponsive after "Turn off after" timer
N7 no longer supported
07:14 pm LuneOS Feature #1211 (New): Add Anbox Snappy support
07:13 pm LuneOS Feature #999 (Closed): Investigate if we can use Shashlik on LuneOS to run Android apps
https://anbox.io/ Seems a better option
07:12 pm LuneOS Bug #515 (New): Screenshots are black on Tenderloin
Should be addressed when we upgrade the base to CM12.1 and newer 3.4 kernel I guess.


10:34 am LuneOS Bug #1205 (New): Padlock is not shown when in First Use mode


12:47 pm LuneOS Bug #1205 (New): Padlock is not shown when in First Use mode


08:46 pm LuneOS Bug #419 (Closed): Ducati firmware could not be loaded at first boot
Fixed when upgrading to CM 12.1 based build
08:46 pm LuneOS Bug #677 (Closed): Cleanup kernel configs to support all needed config options
Double checked when migrating Mako & Maguro to 12.1

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