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12:12 pm LuneOS Bug #909 (In Progress): Activitymanager - minor bugs
Need to check if resolved with new version from webOS OSE once migrated
12:11 pm LuneOS Support #805 (In Progress): Audio service missing quite some features from legacy
Seems that audiod-pro was released as part of webOS OSE and it includes the missing bits. https://github.com/webosose...
12:10 pm LuneOS Bug #587 (Feedback): Bring back com.palm.downloadmanager
Might be resolved with the new webOS OSE bits (https://github.com/webosose/luna-downloadmgr). Need to test to see if ...
12:09 pm LuneOS Bug #1019 (In Progress): LunaSysService schema memory management issue
Might be resolved with the new webOS OSE bits. Need to test.
12:09 pm LuneOS Bug #917 (In Progress): lunasysmgr - various minor bugs
Might be resolved with newly released webOS OSE bits
12:09 pm LuneOS Bug #915 (In Progress): lunasysservice - various minor bugs
Might be solved with the newly released webOS OSE bits.
12:07 pm LuneOS Bug #1213 (Resolved): Build issue related to android-headers
I haven't seen this one recently. I guess it might have gone away?


04:42 pm LuneOS Support #1047 (In Progress): Migrate from BlueZ 4 to BlueZ 5


12:39 pm LuneOS Feature #1183 (In Progress): Implement a way for calling legacy apps and opening another app with...
In progress for the new QML based Settings App.


03:27 pm LuneOS Bug #1217 (In Progress): Airplane mode does not disable WiFi nor Bluetooth
Related to 785. Might be good to tackle when looking at BT stuff and webos-connman-adapter.

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