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Reported issues: 4


08:33 AM LuneOS Bug #1213 (Closed): Build issue related to android-headers
One more detail: note that the recipes that fail do *not* actually depend on these headers, and *are* really machine-...
08:29 AM LuneOS Bug #1213 (Closed): Build issue related to android-headers


09:20 AM LuneOS Bug #1181 (New): All apps have the same origin (file), so are not sandboxed from each other
Sandboxing has been activated in QtWebEngine in Qt 5.7, but isn't present yet for Linux on 5.6.
See https://bugrep...


09:13 PM LuneOS Bug #1143 (Closed): Contacts autolinker is never run, even on 2nd boot
The file "/var/luna/preferences/first-use-profile-created" is not there, and as a consequence configurator only start...


03:53 PM LuneOS Support #1045 (Closed): Upgrade connection stack (oFono, ConnMan, libconnman-qt, VoiceCall)
From a build perspective, there is already a proposal solving all the remaining build issues in


01:39 PM LuneOS Bug #975 (Closed): Secondary windows with height specified in pixels are wrong height
Yes, you're right, only the web content is scaled today with a pixel ratio by WebEngine. We should apply that ratio t...


07:10 PM LuneOS Bug #1011 (Closed): Relaunch signal not sent to apps
It looks like there are two mistakes in Contacts (in source/views/views.js)
1. the event is onwebOSRelaunch, not onr...


08:00 AM LuneOS Bug #953 (Closed): App windows randomly don't appear
One interesting error in the log could be :
Aug 13 16:04:08 mako LunaWebAppManager[1508]: file:///usr/palm/applicati...


06:50 PM LuneOS Bug #937 (Closed): Dashboards cannot be dimissed
Should be fixed with PR


07:06 PM LuneOS Bug #941 (Closed): LunaNext crash on specific app scenario
To be retested with PR which should fix this kind of issue.

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